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You Scream I Scream, based in Hartford, Connecticut, and on Nantucket, is at its core a three-piece band with distort-o bass and vocals /Floyd Kellogg/ , Rhodes syth and Casios /Jake Vohs/  and propulsive big beats /Audrey Sterk/

Their music was born in the basement like other incubators of rock music, then brought to the world by way of their first album, /Bug in a Light/ (2010).  This record led to fun opportunities such as performances at a CMJ showcase at Maxwell's in Hoboken for Hip Video and WBRU's annual rock showcase at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, along with some catchy videos as well landing spots on MuchMusic's "The Wedge", MTV, New York Noise and

Since then, the band has played with shows with bands like Girl In a Coma, White Arrows, Black Box Revelation, The Presidents of the United States of America, Eternal Summers and Spookie Daly Pride.  During all this they have found a moment to make a sophmore release entitled ZOOKEEPER, that came out in late 2012.   "ZOOKEEPER" was recorded at Floyd and fellow musician Jeff Jahnkes recording studio in Hartford, Conn., mostly in 2012. Floyd then brought the record out to St.Louis to meet up with friend/producer/mixer Carl Nappa (Nelly, David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys).  After numerous late night hangs and casino visits Floyd became scared he couldnt party as hard as Nappa and came back. Luckly him and Nappa finished the record at ex'treme Institute, located right next to the St. Louis arch! The sophmore effort is littered with the band's electro-grunge sound and woozy vocal hooks.  It also includes a single, "Baby", written by YSIS and Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States. 

You Scream I Scream has a propulsive, driving dance feel to most songs--not in sense of Top 40 dance music but rather a Jesus and Mary Chain and Talking Heads vibe. Over that, the music is laced with a dark distorted sound provided byFloyd's bass and Jake's keyboards.  Floyd's lyrics stitch together a dark playfulness that can sometimes come off at the end of the day as being sarcastic, mostly.  Must be because he is a Gemini.  Jake then lands a mothership of keyboard sounds into the mix while Audrey hammers the songs forward that most of a time build to frenzy of distortion and white noise but all along never taking their toe out of the pop waters.  

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